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About Us – Pyradyne, LLC – As told by daughter Megan Nihell-Bell.

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Pyradyne in the early days with our Mother Rowena Nihell & father Fred Bell -The New Pyradyne
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Pyradyne in the early days with our Mother Rowena Nihell & father Fred Bell
Something special started back in 1975, and that was the birth of the company, Pyradyne. Founded by our father, Dr. Fred Bell. Since his passing in September 2011, myself and my sisters Alana Bell and Mary Nihell-Bell, as well as close family and friends have been collaborating ideas on how we would continue our father`s legacy.

Growing up with our father was a real adventure, and we treasure the memories that we take on with us. From a young age my sisters and myself had a fascination into our fathers work. Not only were we all born in his Laguna Beach home underneath a pyramid, but we have all also worn the Nuclear Receptor from an extremely young age.

I can remember sitting on the floor in the Pyradyne office creating mailers and anything else I was allowed to help with. To me, I instantly understood my dads company and all he set out to do, heal the world and bring awareness to people.

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Taken with our father in 2009 with my sister Mary Nihell-Bell and myself -The New Pyradyne
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Taken with our father in 2009 with my sister Mary Nihell-Bell and myself
Through the years, I learned more and more about Pyradyne and the intense and exciting history behind it. My older sister Alana Bell, worked for many years building the systems that our father designed, and every detail had to be perfect! If not, start all over again. The measurements of the angles are critical to the effectiveness of each system. I too, in our fathers last few years learned to build the systems.

When our father passed, it was a great shock to us all and extremely hard for everyone who knew and loved Fred. We were never prepared for this tragedy, and like any daughter looks to her dad, he was invincible in our eyes. Very shortly after his passing, our father`s presence was felt, and ever since we have been pushed forward. Almost as though we have been guided, and not so long later, Pyradyne, LLC was formed.

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Pyradyne, LLC -The New Pyradyne
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Pyradyne, LLC
Pyradyne, LLC – Our Mission

To continue our father Dr. Fred Bell's legacy, honoring his work, and continuing to bring awareness to the world using his knowledge, technologies and products. Dr. Fred Bell devoted his life to helping others, and now we will do the same.

Pyradyne is an innovative preventive health & energy company that promotes greater health and consciousness. We believe that if we pay more attention to our body's well being, we will become a healthier & happier person.

Only a body that is fueled with the best ingredients can deliver ultimate performance. And, our consciousness is directly linked to the degree of health that we allow our body to be in. We at Pyradyne strive to change the global consciousness and create a peaceful and harmonious place here on Earth.

Lastly, we would like to thank each and every one of Pyradyne`s customers for their ongoing support to our family and the company. Without you, we wouldn`t be here. Myself and my sisters are just too excited to share with our customers, the NEW next generation in Pyradyne supplements, receptors and other brand new products!

Light and love,
Megan Bell.

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