The Nuclear Receptor

-An anti-stress device which transforms disharmonious energies into positive frequencies-

-Protects the body from the harmful effect of environmental pollution, toxic foods, stress, and all other interfereing frequencies-

-Each color of available gemstones for the Nuclear Receptor corresponds to specific body functions-

-Balancing and rejuvenating on the body-

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Sterling Silver 4 Leg Wave Bridge With 6mm Diamond
Sterling Silver 4 Leg Wave Bridge With 6mm Diamond

Sterling Silver Ank Receptor With Diamond Paive Bridge & 6mm Diamond
Sterling Silver Ank Receptor With Diamond Paive Bridge & 6mm Diamond

Solid Gold Negotiator Receptor With Diamond Birdge & 6.5mm Diamond
Solid Gold Negotiator Receptor With Diamond Birdge & 6.5mm Diamond

The Quantum Heart Receptor With Zircons
The Quantum Heart Receptor With Zircons

Super Receptor With 6mm Ruby & Diamond Paive bridge, Dipped In White Gold
Super Receptor With 6mm Ruby & Diamond Paive bridge, Dipped In White Gold

Sterling Silver Negotiator Receptor With Diamond Paive Bridge & 6mm Ruby
Sterling Silver Negotiator Receptor With Diamond Paive Bridge & 6mm Ruby

The Cross Nuclear Receptor With Emerald Stones
The Cross Nuclear Receptor With Emerald Stones

The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor is a product of technological research that began in the United States back in the 1960's, and constantly redeveloped over the last five decades. The Nuclear Receptor utilises technologies derived from shape energy research, crystal, gem and filter technology, MASER (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology, Laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology, homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences, Tibetan acupuncture and Pleiadian science; and in the Receptor package itself, NASA Cassegrin technology. Quite a lot for such a small, one and a half inch (4cm) disk!

Muscle testing is a very important first step toward realizing the benefits of The Nuclear Receptor and its integrated technologies. Please see the 'Self-Test' Tab in the menu and follow the instructions to see which gemstone your body needs. If you are having difficulty, please contact us.
The Nuclear Receptor unleashes the stored energies of the gemstone and transmits them via scaler waves deep into the aura of the wearer, where these vital, pure, and perfect increments of the life force are transformed into the cells of health and consciousness. The body, although biochemical in its nature, is also electrical. Electricity controls each and every step of our cellular and organismal growth. A healthy individual will reproduce cells at the rate of 50 million per second. At this high reproduction rate, the entire red blood cellular system reproduces itself within 90 days. The entire body including all bones and brain cells, reproduces completely every seven years. The integrity of this activity starts with the part of the cell known as the DNA.
Guiding all of this electrical, biochemical and cellular activity is a super intelligence within the heart of the DNA itself, called the Nuclear Membrane, which interprets tiny command signals called Electrical Precurser Energies (EPC's).
EPC's are themselves energies of consciousness that free flow from the astral plane to the physical plane. Initially, to our waking consciousness, they are felt as basic emotions. The astral (Greek word meaning "starry") plane is often referred to by Eastern cultures as the emotional plane, or center, where all emotions come from. EPC's have not only energy to sustain life force, but also polarity. They can work for you, or against you. Sp, as our society begins to embrace conquest of space, time and stars, likewise it must begin to realize that subtle forces, such as EPC's, can no longer be regarded as subtle, but instead, should be recognized as being of the same magnitude as what we eat, drink and breathe into our bodies.
EPC's are "felt" by the body as good or bad feelings, thus giving them a polarity. They, in turn stimulate good or bad eicosanoids (pronounced eye-kah-sah-noids), which are the body's super hormones. For those of you not familiar with hormones, they are the first units of biochemistry that possess total consciousness. They are seven levels of consciousness, called:

1. Logoic - Oneness
2. Monadic - Duality
3. Atmic - Intelligence
4. Intuitive - Sensing
5. Mental - Knowledge
6. Astral - Emotional
7. Physical - Existence

Within the body are seven glands, called Endocrine glands, one for each level of consciousness. Connecting them to all of the other organs 14 "energy conduits" called Meridians. The energy they conduct via the 14 meridians is called Bio Plasmic Force in Western terminology, and "Qi" (pronounced chee) in the Eastern cultures.
The seven endocrine glands each correspond to one of the seven levels of consciousness. Surrounding each endocrine gland is a ganglia (group) of nerves originating from the parasympathetic nervous system. This pathway, part of the 14 meridians, receives stimulus from the outside world. Some of the stimuli are received by the five senses, and the other stimuli are received from the surrounding environment, and some stimuli come from from deep within the cosmos itself.

Sensory Organ - Stimuli
Nose -- Smell
Eyes -- Light/Vision
Ears -- Sounds
Mouth/Enzyme -- Taste
Skin -- Temperature/Sensation
Chakras -- Psychic vibrations from planets, stars & the moon
Hypothalamus -- Psychic vibrations Intuitions, Balance, Inner Vision (often called the third eye)

In theory, the stimulation perceived by one or more of the above routes triggers the release of hormones to the brain. The brain interprets these messengers and via synaptic activity begins modulating switches, called effector and receptor sites, on and off at a rate that produces thought activity within the brain. As these thoughts begin to match the stimuli from the Chakra (endocrine) centers, a wave of consciousness is felt as the awareness passes electronically via the aura throughout the entire body. In short, we become animated. It is within this animation process that the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor functions.

Why interfere with a natural process, doesn't the body have everything it needs?
The answer is not a simple one. Negative technology, created by man has polluted the environment with:

1. Toxic fossil fuel hydrocarbons
2. Radiation (both organically and man-made origins
3. ELF pollution (Extremely Low Frequency radiation)
4. Endless chemicals that have permeated our food and water supplies
5. Steroids in our livestock
6. And many other forms of negative energies.

Our Bodies and minds as individuals are becoming clouded, and our societies are fighting amongst themselves as they have for millennia before, but with bigger and more powerful weapons of mass destruction. Yet, more claim we are reaching a Golden Era. We are, in fact, reaching a "potential" to find peace because of our relationship in space and time, but the "space" part needs much work in preparation for positive future events. We must treat our temples, our bodies, with respect. Then we can welcome the coming challenges.
So, the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor is a device from positive reinforcing technologies that can, if properly utilised and understood, assist us in our efforts to once again see, hear, sense and feel the correct way to balance ourselves within this sea of energies.
A very informative manual on The Nuclear Receptor is available for further reading and more in depth information, please contact us at for details on how to obtain one.
If you wish to purchase a Nuclear Receptor and you know which stone you need, please contact us for purchasing. Each Nuclear Receptor is custom made to you. Some Receptors are also available through "Purchase Now" on the menu.
Please Self-Test yourself for which stone you need now, and let us know!

Please use the 'Self Test' tab on the menu bar to test yourself on which stone your body needs for your Nuclear Receptor!

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