How to Test Yourself
For Your Personal Nuclear Receptor

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Self-Muscle Reflex Test
  • Step 1.
    • Print the color chart and place it on a table in front of you. Sit down and relax.
    • Rest the pad of your middle finger on the nail of your index finger. (Use your right hand if you are right-handed, your left if left-handed).

  • Step 2.
    • Gently press your middle finger pad against the nail of your index finger.
    • Observe the way this feels.
    • As you test yourself on each color, be aware of the response, you will notice either strong pressure or weak pressure. Strong means "YES" this color is appropriate for me, while weak means "NO" I don`t need this color.

  • Step 3.
    • Place the tip of your other index finger on the first color on the chart "White". Notice your response; is it weak? Strong? (Remember that a strong response indicates "YES" you do need this color)
    • Give your body time, but generally, the difference in pressure is most noticeable immediately.
    • Repeat this process for each color, noting your "YES" and your "NO" responses. (You may discover more than one "YES" but that is alright)
    • Re-test the colors to which you experienced a strong response. Notice the differences in intensity of responses; some may cause a stronger and some will be weaker "YES`".

Helpful Hints
Suppose you tested "YES" for both red and deep blue. Read the information on the chart for each color. You will notice that red is very energizing, while blue has a more calming effect. If you are already a high-energy person,or if you experience anxiety, you may select the deep blue "Sapphire" and its calming qualities.

Ask Your Body
Using the same finger technique as indicated above, ask your body "Is deep blue more beneficial than red forme at this time?" Notice your response. Once again, strong means "YES" weak means "NO".

Inconclusive Test
Sometimes, the body is reluctant to reveal information. Trust yourself. Repeat the message to your body that a strong response to a color means you need that frequency, whereas a weak response means your body doesn`t.

Maybe the different levels of response or intensities are confusing; tell yourself that your response will be much clearer this time then test yourself on each color again. You will be surprised at how much clearer your answers will be!

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