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EzPics is based on the premise that "It's your web site and you should manage it".
We feel that business owners need to be in control of the content on their web sites and not at the mercy of a busy web masters schedule.

OUR PHILOSOPHY began its life as (and remains) a native web application, never sold or packaged, but delivered as a service, with customers paying, directly or indirectly, for the use of that service. None of the trappings of the old software industry are present. No scheduled software releases, just continuous improvement. No licensing or sale, just usage. ...

All of our products, from a basic photo display to a complete E-Commerce Web site, come with a "Back Door" that gives you easy access to your content. Our job is to do the initial implementation, help you get started and to answer your questions. From there you will be able to keep your web site up to date by uploading new photos, changing prices and descriptions etc. and using the net to present your business to the world.

Using Complex Technology To Simplify Life.

Our Primary Goal in building the EzPics system is to give you, the web site owner, control over the content of your site.

We see far too many web sites that have become static because it requires a web master to update the content. We feel the webmaster is responsible for the initial layout and implementation of the various parts of a web site, but the more tools the site owner has for updating and maintaining the content the better.

Our web sites are designed to be easily updated and maintained by anyone with a PC and an Internet browser.

EzPics technology isn't just a collection of software tools, it's an individualized database. Without the data, the tools are useless; without the software, the data is unmanageable. .. the value of the software is proportional to the scale and dynamism of the data it helps to manage. ... EzPics happens in the space between the site owners content server and users browser, as an enabler between the art viewer and the artist.

What This Service Means to You!

An easy way to upload images and descriptions of your business directly to the net. On the way your images are automatically optimized for the Web and inserted into the digital catalog. Using our technology you will be able to maintain all of the content on your web site.

A "Back Door" with an IP (Idiot Proof) interface which allows you to change prices, add captions & links and even lengthy text descriptions to your product images - 'Non-technical' people find it a snap!

A "Shopping Cart" which keeps a history of your clients ordering and shipping information. This versatile feature allows your clients to order your products "Online", or by Email or by printing the customized order form and sending it by FAX or regular mail.

The ability to customize your web site to make it 'fit' your style is important. You can even set up private displays for your clients that are not accessible through your web site. Many EzPics clients use these private displays to communicate with their customers, using the net to transmit images instead of email.

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