I already have a website! Can you help me?

The majority of our new clients already have existing "static" websites. Although they are happy with most of the current content, they are frustrated with having to depend on a "webmaster" to make even simple changes.

The EzPics Solution
It is really a simple matter to take your content and put it into our system. It is something we at EzPics do for you at "no charge" and it gives us good place to begin teaching you to use the system. The process of converting an existing web site is generally completed in one day and your domain name can then be pointed at your new EzPics site.

Once the initial layout is in place, we begin the process of evolving the site together. We do this via telephone sessions, you ask "How do I ....." and we say "Click here ... Click here... and Input your info there...." By the time we have evolved the site to a point where we are both happy with it, you will have a pretty firm handle on using our technology.

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