A Technology Comparison!

Traditional web pages are a combination of data (your content) and HTML computer code. They are stored on the Internet and a copy of the page is downloaded to each viewer. If changes are required to either the HTML or the data it requires a new page to be developed and uploaded in place of the old page.

The EzPics system only stores "data sets" on the Internet. A data set consists of an image and various things associated with the image like a thumbnail, a caption, a link, a price, a story, a background etc. etc. Each time a viewer requests a web page our technology retrieves the data and adds the necessary HTML code in real time.

This allows us to display a single set of data in several different ways without modifying your stored content. For example, Photo Page is a set of data displayed as a page with multiple images and text on the same page. This same data can be displayed as A Film Strip or as a A Photo Album or even a A Slide Show

There are many advantages and zero disadvantages to this unique approach to web site development.
  • Easily scalable.
  • Much faster and efficient as traffic loads increase.
  • Data is stored centrally and used wherever it is needed. If, for example, your get a new phone number you only make one change and every place your phone number appears on your web site is updated.
  • No software packages for you to download and learn.
  • No HTML knowledge required for the site owner.
  • Site owner maintains the site content.
  • Multiple options for displaying data sets.
  • Technology is easily updated as the Internet evolves
  • Enhancements to the technology are automatically available to all sites. No backfitting required.
  • More features and lower costs.

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