The second phase of using the Andromedian Holographic Projection Technology, incorporates a larger device called the Andromedian Stand-alone Projector. It is designed to operate at the maximum wave potential that hologram producing device can manifest. Dr. Bell always told people, when using one of these....."be careful what you think" and remember "the mind is the slayer of the real".

Second thing to remember is "energy follows thought". It is assumed that when you truly begin to use the larger stand-alone version of the Andromedian Projector, that you have had enough of a graduation of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, into a transcendental moment, wherein you have truly experienced the difference between the Nuclear Receptor, and the Andromedian Projector that are worn on the body. Rather than increasing the wave energies on the Stand-alone Projector, we instead increase the number of the units used, one at a time. Most people start with one stand-alone unit.

When you start getting a feeling from the stand-alone unit, usually it's a visual observation of the Standalone Projector, coupled with a warm feeling coming from the stomach or solar plexus. When this body connection is made, usually some form of results are being observed. Then there will be a confidence to increase this wave action and put some real momentum behind this action. Now a second Standalone Projector, can be utilized. Often-times individuals will increase this to four units. When this happens, a few other factors become somewhat critical. Room positioning, wall versus tabletop mounting, direction, angle placement, all of these things become huge factors for successful operation.

Each piece is individual and custom made to your own needs, for information on pricing and purchasing, please contact us!

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