Frequently Asked Questions

You may find the answers to your questions here. If not, you can send your questions to: webmaster@ezpics.com If your question is one that may be asked by others we will post the answer here.

At what resolution should my original photos be scanned?
For best viewing results on a computer screen your photos should be scanned at about 90 dpi (dots per inch). The EzPics system will automatically optimize your photos as they are uploaded. Uploading will be faster if you do some optimization on your PC. (.jpg images with a resolution of 90 dpi and 50% compression are just about correct.)

Some of my thumbnails are different than the full size photos! What is wrong?
It is not possible for you to upload a photo without making a new thumbnail. Some browsers will cache a copy of your old thumbs and even though you have created new thumbs at EzPics your browser keeps showing you the old ones. The solution is to refresh or reload the page and if all else fails clear cache. This is a frustrating problem that just about everyone using a Netscape browser has experienced with this system. It occassionally occurs with MSIE but not as often.
Just remember, everytime you upload a photo to an EzPics server we make a new thumb, problems that suggest otherwise are related to browser cache.

Any time you replace one of your photos, unless you check the save content box, all content (captions, links, etc.) associated with the old photo is automatically deleted.

Do you have a Webmaster/ISP resale program?
Yes, we have an excellent Webmaster/ISP resale program. This program features point and click uploading to your remote server, a generic interface without any EzPics advertizing, wholesale billing (ie. you bill your clients and we bill you, at a substantial discount), clients interface allows for content maintenance (photo upload, captions, links etc.), webmasters interface allows for addition or deletion of displays. Contact us for more information and to see if you qualify. WholeSale@EzPics.com

Can I use .gif photos in my displays?
Yes, our system will work with most image formats (with the exception of .tif). We recommend .jpg for photos.

The Exit button on the display panel always goes back to EzPics.com, how can I change it?
The Exit button on the display panel is defaulted to EzPics.com. You can reset the destination of the EXIT button on the Customize page.

The Back button in the configuration interface does not work!
The back button requires your browser to be JavaScript enabled. You can either enable JavaScript or use the Back button of your browser to achieve the desired results.

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