Why Use EzPics Technology!

John Banovich(Click on the image to visit Johns website) -Why Use EzPics Technology!
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John Banovich
(Click on the image to visit Johns website)

By choosing to ignore the Internet and not taking the time and effort required to develop a web presence, today's artist risk:

  • Ignoring an opportunity to make their work accessible worldwide. Today's technology makes it possible for anyone in the world to view your art work.

  • Ignoring an unprecedented marketing tool. The Internet allows you to market your work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Being at the mercy of a "webmaster" who has embraced the technology. Money should not be an issue every time you have a new idea or image for your web site.

    An EzPics web site offers today's artists opportunities never before available.

    • Exhibit your art to the world. The EzPics technology allows you to make all of your work immediately and continuously accessible worldwide.

    • Market your art to the world. Your digital catalog becomes a current listing of available art and corresponding prices and descriptions. Collectors worldwide can place orders from your catalog online, 7 days a week. Your digital catalog is always current and always available to your clients.

    • Use your creativity. Artists are very creative people, EzPics technology is designed to allow you to use your creative gifts. It puts you in control of the content on your web site from background colors to print prices. You make the additions or changes and at your convenience.

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