Biography - Adam Smith

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Adam with studio buddy Cyrus -Biography - Adam Smith
Adam with studio buddy Cyrus

Adam`s entry into the arts began when he picked up the guitar. At the young age of 14, he showed exceptional talent and was asked to make guest appearances with two local bands. He had developed quite a following and amazed the crowd. During a family cruise trip to the Caribbean, Adam was asked to join the band on board the cruise ship.

Although he enjoyed playing in the bands, his guitar gave way to the paint brush when he was 16. He started to dabble a bit with pencil drawing bears, wolves, and waterfowl. Fascinated by his father`s early career in duck stamps, Adam decided he wanted to learn how to paint and subsequently entered the Montana Junior Duck Stamp competition. His first entry in 2001 placed first and that was the beginning and the end of his duck stamp career. He put away his paint brushes and turned his full attention to cars.

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