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Adam Smith at work -Biography - Adam Smith
Adam Smith at work

Adam`s interest in cars took him to Laramie, WY where he attended WyoTech and graduated in the top of his class. Recruited by two of the most desirable automobile companies, Adam turned them down to stay in Bozeman. He wasn`t ready to leave Montana and was not sure if he was truly following his passion.

In 2006 Adam picked up the paintbrush once again and found that passion. Daniel Smith remarks about Adam`s natural abilities and minimal experience, "Many people assume that I taught Adam how to paint or that he picked it up by watching me work throughout his twenty-two years. The fact is his talent is innate. I did not teach him how to paint. About a year ago he painted a small portrait of an African lion to see if he could paint fur. When he presented me with the finished work I was shocked because it looked like I painted it. Adam has a gift and I look forward to watching him grow and develop as an artist. We plan to take many reference trips together and share a bond that goes beyond the typical father and son relationship."

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