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Post #6 - Posted on: Tuesday. May 24, 2011

Great product and great neighbor!

Post #5 - Posted on: Tuesday. May 24, 2011

Mike Storms` Green Anchors are our best option. Mike is contentiously manufacturing an environmentally sound product for the float fisher. With the many style and weight options, Mike`s steel cased anchors are the main choice for those in need of a new anchor or willing to trade their old lead one in for one of his. Lead anchors are not what we should be using as the lead flakes off leaving a toxic legacy. Do you love our river environment then get storm steel encased anchor and stop leaving shards of lead in our rivers and streams.

Post #4 - Posted on: Tuesday. May 24, 2011

Same here... stainless steel and I'm placing an order.

Post #3 - Posted on: Sunday. March 13, 2011

If you offered these in stainless steel I'd buy one!

Response by Storms Welding and Maintenance, LLC:
I will custome build any style. Contact me for more info.